Save notes, links and messages for yourself and your team.

Forgot to write down that great idea? Tired of scrolling up to find that message? Use Pogo to stay on top of everything!


Save with one click

If you see an important message or file in Slack, you can save it in Pogo with one click, by 🌟 starring it. If you have a thought or idea you’d like to capture, use /pogo-save directly in Slack or save a note in our web app.

Powerful search

Everything saved is searchable by board name, keywords, @author or #channel. Type /pogo-find followed by what you remember to find what you saved, without leaving Slack.

Stay organized

Everything saved is organized in boards 📋 for quick and easy access. All boards are either 🔒 private to you, or shared with your team. Use our web app or /pogo-board to manage both your boards, as well as your team's boards.

Connect ideas

Public boards, private boards and notes have links that allow you to link from one to the other. Use them to structure your notes and to browse them seamlessly.


Inc Magazine:

Never worry about digging for information again once you have Pogo on your side. Just imagine what you could do with those new found minutes.

Tom Popomaronis - President, RateMyTeachers

How much does Pogo cost?

Pogo is free for teams that sign up early,
during our beta.

Want to learn more about Pogo?

Saving using Pogo's web app

Saving and finding in Slack