Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about Pogo? Wondering what he can do? You’re in the right place - take a look below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


What can Pogo do?

Pogo is a catalog for your team’s notes, links and messages.

Saving notes, links and messages:

  • If you have a thought or idea you’d like to capture without leaving Slack, you can use /pogo-save [note and/or URL] to save a note.
  • To save a link, file or message from Slack is to 🌟 star it. The Slack star functionality is easy to find. Hover over the message you want to save and a small star will appear near the timestamp of the message. Click on the star and Pogo will save it.
  • Invite Pogo to a channel to interact with in public, together with your teammates. For example, you can ask Pogo to save recent messages in a #channel by typing @pogo save last message, or @pogo save last 5 messages from @author

Staying organized:

  • Saved notes are organized in 📋 boards – collections of notes, links and messages. Every team has a default board called general.
  • Once you’ve saved several notes in Pogo, you may want to organize them in different boards. You can create new boards by typing /pogo-board new [board name].
  • You can always rename or delete boards using /pogo-board rename and /pogo-board delete.

Finding what you saved:

  • Everything you save in Pogo can be quickly retrieved by board name, note keywords, @author or #channel.
  • Type /pogo-find board name to see all the saved notes in that board.
  • Type /pogo-find #channel to see all the saved notes in #channel.
  • Type /pogo-find @author to see all the saved notes from @author.
  • When you use /pogo-find, only you see the interaction with Pogo. You won’t be bothering your teammates.
  • Invite Pogo to a channel to interact with him in public, together with your teammates. Retrieve your notes publicly by typing @pogo find.

I just added Pogo to Slack. What’s next?

Now you can go to your Slack and start using Pogo. You’ll find a direct message from Pogo in your Slack, where he’ll walk you through some of his features. If you ever need instructions on how to use Pogo, just type @pogo help in Slack and he’ll tell you what his functionalities are.

Does everyone on my team need to install Pogo?

Once you install Pogo in your Slack, everyone on the team can start using /pogo-save, /pogo-find and /pogo-board to save and retrieve information.

However, Pogo can only save starred notes from users that specifically gave him the permission to do so. Therefore, every user in your team that wants to 🌟 star save will have to enable this feature in Pogo - this can be easily done by typing @pogo help.

When I try to install Pogo, I’m getting this message: “Your team’s settings don’t allow authorizing apps like Pogo”. Why?

You are getting this message because your Slack team permissions currently don’t allow members to log into Slack apps. Please ask your Slack admin to change the settings as follows:

  • From the dropdown menu in your Slack team’s left-side icon, click Team Settings.
  • On the Team Settings page, click on the Permissions tab.
  • Scroll down to the Apps and Custom Integrations setting, and set it to where "Any full team member..." is selected.

How much does Pogo cost?

Pogo is free to use by teams of any size that sign up during our beta.


How do I invite Pogo to a channel?

You’ll need to invite Pogo to channels in order to publicly save and retrieve notes, links and messages. You can invite Pogo to a channel in two ways:

  • In the #channel that you want to invite Pogo to, click on the Channel Settings icon (located in the top right corner of your Slack window). In the Channel Settings drop down menu, click on “Invite team members to join…”, then look for Pogo and add him to the channel.
  • In any channel or direct message, just type  /invite pogo channel name.

Where can I see all the notes, links and messages my team has saved?

You can see all the notes saved by your team in the Pogo web dashboard at

You can also see everything directly in Slack by typing /pogo-find all.

What is the "general" board?

When you sign up you start with the default general board. When you save notes in Pogo, you don't need to specify a board name — they’ll be added automatically to the default one. Also, it’s unlike all other boards, because no one can delete it.

Can I create a board?

Yes, you can create a new board in Slack by typing /pogo-board new [board name]. You can also create new boards in your team’s dashboard at

Can I rename my boards?

Yes, you can rename your boards in Slack by typing /pogo-board rename [board name]. You can also rename your boards in your team’s dashboard at

Can I delete my boards?

Yes, you can delete your boards in Slack by typing /pogo-board delete [board name]. You can also delete your boards in your team’s dashboard at

Can I rename or delete my saved notes?

Yes, you can rename or delete any saved links, document or messages in your team’s dashboard at


What information from my Slack account is being used?

Pogo reads messages from all your public channels. If you invite him to a private channel, he can read messages from that channel too, but otherwise cannot (just like a human).

Besides the messages you save and retrieve via @pogo, Pogo uses information about your team’s profile, your public channels and your team members' names and emails.

What’s happening with my data?

Your information is encrypted (SSL) before being transferred to and from our servers, and is stored in a professionally managed database and storage system.

Your information is private and is only used to provide this service. We do not sell, share or transmit your information to any 3rd party for any other purpose.

What permissions from Slack do you require?

Pogo needs the following permissions in order to function correctly:

  • Confirm your identity on Slack
  • Access information about your team: name, icon, email domain and team members.
  • Add a bot user with the username @pogo. Pogo will be able to read and post messages in any public or private channel that he will be invited to.
  • Access your message and activity history in your team’s public channels.


Who is Pogo built by?

Pogo is built byat Alien Labs Inc., a Delaware company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, USA.

You can find out more about the team on our About Us page.

How do I get in touch with the Pogo team?

We’d love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at

I’m no longer getting along with Pogo. How do I uninstall him?

We’re sad to see you go, but if you must, it’s pretty easy to uninstall Pogo.

  • Go to your Slack team’s integrations page, click on “Configured Integrations”.
  • Find Pogo and click on it.
  • Click “Remove All” in the top right corner. This will immediately remove Pogo from your Slack. Your boards will remain stored on our servers, so they’ll be available if you re-add Pogo. If you wish to permanently delete all your data, shoot us an email at and we’ll get on it right away.

Have a question that you couldn’t find here?

Get in touch! You can shoot us an email at or send us feedback through Pogo in Slack by typing @pogo feedback [your thoughts here].